RxEye Cloud transforms diagnostic imaging services.

  • Unilabs Group

    Bjørn Mikal Henriksen, Head of European Teleradiology - Unilabs Group

    “RxEye has with their solution showed that they understand their customer’s specific need within teleradiology. Strict security demands, scalability and efficient connection to local hospital systems – but also transparency and efficient collaboration between customers and suppliers. RxEye has solved these demands through an innovative and future oriented way.”

  • TeleConsult France

    Stéphane Tavernier, Senior Manager of Search & Analytics - TeleConsult France

    “RxEye’s ability to mobilise troops to reach our common goals and their willingness to take our requests into account in further developing their platform are some of the reasons why we chose them as our exclusive partner.”

Move to the cloud.

Our infrastructure solution - RxEye Cloud - enables healthcare organisations and reading providers to create many to many relationships and build knowledge networks for remote diagnosis of medical images. Today RxEye Cloud connects healthcare providers and diagnostics experts in radiology and pathology in a European network. Support for multi-disciplinary teams and cancer care pathways is curently under rapid development. We are collaborating with leading technology providers to develop and deliver computer aided diagnostic imaging services.

RxEye Cloud can...
  • help maximise the capacity of radiologists and pathologists within a community of hospitals.
  • provide access to additional image reading capacity for hospitals via external reading providers.
  • make remote reading efficient and secure.
  • enable virtual networks of expertise that cross organisational boundaries.
  • provide management information on reading activity as the basis for reimbursment, or to support service budgeting and planning.
  • ... and much more.
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RxEye News & Articles

Swiss independent group of imaging centers connected to RxEye Cloud

Posted by on Nov 30, 2015 in Company Information, Press Releases

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — Nov 30, 2015 – The Swiss independent Groupe 3R Réseau Radiologique Romand has connected to the RxEye Cloud. This enables Groupe 3R to have a secure and flexible IT platform to access capacity and expertise whenever needed in order to effectively manage their daily operations. The group consists of eight imaging centers […]

RxEye Cloud reached 2000 users

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — Nov 18, 2015 – RxEye Cloud has now reached more than 2000 registered users, which is a 35% increase in two months. I am happy to see that the number of users are growing rapidly as a result of that we continue to connect hospitals at a fast pace. Our customers continue […]

French hospital using premium connection for high volume remote reading

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — Nov 16, 2015 – The central French hospital in Toulon has been deployed using the fully integrated premium connection to connect to the RxEye Cloud. This enables the hospital to send large volumes of clinical cases for remote reading and have full control of their status and response times with virtually no […]

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